Forthcoming Articles

The following papers have been accepted and will appear in future issues of Econometrica. The links below lead to the final accepted papers in their working paper formats. The papers will be copyedited and typeset for publication.

Very Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics: Theory

Abbring, Jaap H., Jeffrey R. Campbell, Jan Tilly, and Nan Yang

Demand Analysis using Strategic Reports: An application to a school choice mechanism

Agarwal, Nikhil, and Paulo Somaini

Inference Based on SVARS Identified with Sign and Zero Restrictions: Theory and Applications

Arias, Jonas E., Juan F. Rubio-Ramírez, and Daniel F. Waggoner

Optimal Inference in a Class of Regression Models

Armstrong, Timothy B., and Michal Kolesár

Really Uncertain Business Cycles

Bloom, Nicholas, Max Floetotto, Nir Jaimovich, Itay Saporta-Eksten and Stephen J. Terry

Saving and Dissaving with Hyperbolic Discounting

Cao Dan, and Iván Werning

Kernel-Based Semiparametric Estimators: Small Bandwidth Asymptotics and Bootstrap Consistency

Cattaneo, Matias D., and Michael Jansson

The Efficiency of Slacking Off: Evidence from the Emergency Department

Chan, David C.

The Welfare Effects of Vertical Integration in Multichannel Television Markets

Crawford, Gregory S., Robin S. Lee, Michael D. Whinston, and Ali Yurukoglu

Learning and Type Compatibility in Signalling Games

Fudenberg, Drew, and Kevin He

Random Choice as Behavioral Optimization

Gul, Faruk, Paulo Natenzon, and Wolfgang Pesendorfer

Strategic Trading in Informationally Complex Environments

Lambert, Nicolas S., Michael Ostrovsky, and Mikhail Panov

A Theory of Non-Bayesian Social Learning

Molavi, Pooya, Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi, and Ali Jadbabaie

Long-Run Covariability

Müller, Ulrich K., and Mark W. Watson

Multiproduct-Firm Oligopoly: An Aggregative Games Approach

Nocke, Volker and Nicolas Schutz

A Theory of Input-Output Architecture

Oberfield, Ezra

Competing on Speed

Pagnotta, Emiliano S., and Thomas Philippon

Identifying Long-Run Risks: A Bayesian Mixed-Frequency Approach

Schorfheide, Frank, Dongho Song, and Amir Yaron

Estimating Semi-parametric Panel Multinomial Choice Models using Cyclic Monotonicity

Shi, Xiaoxia, Matthew Shum, and Wei Song

Eliciting Temptation and Self-Control Through Menu Choices: a Lab Experiment

Toussaert, Séverine

Identifying and Estimating Supply and Demand Elasticities Using Exogenous Variation in a Single Tax Rate

Zoutman, Floris T., Evelina Gavrilova, and Arnt O. Hopland