Forthcoming Articles

The following papers have been accepted and will appear in future issues of Econometrica. The links below lead to the final accepted papers in their working paper formats. The papers will be copyedited and typeset for publication.

Take the Short Route: Equilibrium Default and Debt Maturity

Aguiar, Mark, Manuel Amador, Hugo Hopenhayn and Iván Werning

Identification with Additively Separable Heterogeneity

Allen, Roy, and John Rehbeck

The Probability to Reach an Agreement as a Foundation for Axiomatic Bargaining

Bastianello, Lorenzo, and Marco LiCalzi

Mechanisms with Evidence: Commitment and Robustness

Ben-Porath, Elchanan, Eddie Dekel, and Barton L. Lipman

Trade and Labor Market Dynamics: General Equilibrium Analysis of the China Trade Shock

Caliendo, Lorenzo, Maximiliano Dvorkin, and Fernando Parro

Trading Votes for Votes. A Dynamic Theory

Casella, Alessandra, and Thomas Palfrey

The Interval Structure of Optimal Disclosure

Guo, Yingni, and Eran Shmaya

Coalitional Expected Multi-Utility Theory

Hara, Kazuhiro, Efe A. Ok, and Gil Riella

Measureable Selection for Purely Atomic Games

Hellman, Ziv, and Yehuda John Levy

On Heckits, LATE, and Numerical Equivalence

Kline, Patrick and Christopher R. Walters

Power in High-Dimensional Testing Problems

Kock, Anders Bredahl and David Preinerstorfer

Peer-Confirming Equilibrium

Lipnowski, Elliot, and Evan Sadler

Engel’s Law in the Global Economy: Demand-Induced Patterns of Structural Change, Innovation, and Trade

Matsuyama, Kiminori